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Wedding Photography Styles and Strategies

Getting married is one of the major milestones a person can consider in his or her life. Despite the wedding expenses incurred in buying your perfect dress, bouquet of flowers, wedding reception, and a lot of other expenses, one of the most important parts of the wedding is for you to have the perfect memory to be recorded.

Photographers have different styles when it comes to photography and by that, it also means difference in terms of price that is why it is important that you know how to properly negotiate with them.

There are three classified styled in photography that are commonly used in weddings.
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Traditional wedding photography

Traditional wedding photography or Classical photography, as termed by some, is the one wherein the moments being captured are all the parts of a typical wedding day such as but not limited to exchanging vows and rings, walking the aisle as a married couple already, cutting of the cake, signing of the wedding contract and lot more. Any wedding is considered a formal occasion and therefore this style of photography also existed decades ago. You can assure a perfect family gathering if your wedding photography has a perfect lighting effect as well as an expert posing. A good photographer sees to it that the people are at ease and don’t feel uncomfortable during the posing.

Contemporary wedding photography

When you talk about contemporary or Avant Garde wedding photography, there will be a lot of meaning to different things for different people. Its basic definition is the style become contemporary or changing very quickly.

Contemporary style of the wedding photography refers to the one that has off the wall ideas or weird ideas and even use strange camera angles. In order to know the identity of the photography style of a certain photographer, contemporary style will best show this since their artistic side as well as personality are reflected on their shots. This is not a popular style of photography but it can really be a memorable one if the idea is just perfectly executed.

Reportage wedding photography

If you are into a reporting style of photography, the reportage, or the Photojournalistic wedding photography is the one for you. This type of style will have to require the photographer to take snap shots during the event but not requiring the persons to stop and take a pose since the shot will be in random.

This style is really difficult to achieve a perfect shot. This requires years of experience and fast reactions to be able to capture a moment during the wedding that is perfectly candid.

There will be no posing for this style since this will only be a natural shot the way the event flows.