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Discovering The Truth About Windows

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Window Wells The purpose of window wells go beyond just aesthetic appeal as these additions can even save a life, if push comes to shove. Fact is, window wells serve such an important purpose that many states require homes to have them, but despite this, some homeowners still question their function. Truth be told, window wells serve a wide variety of functions, and having one around your basement window should be an essential that you don’t overlook. Understand the importance of window wells and find out why they are an essential for any home. 1. Emergency Egress – If your basements are used for dwelling purposes instead of just storage, laundry, or other utilities, it’s best that you install a window well for the purpose of an emergency exit. This is because it’s easier to get trapped in a basement, especially if the home suffers of a fire, or if the location is subjected to natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, and other acts of God. A window well provides a space along the outside wall of a basement where a window can be safely and efficiently installed to increase safety. Another thing to keep in mind is that fire fighters and rescuers first seek out window wells if a home’s doors are inaccessible. 2. Natural Light – Many homeowners use their basements as actual living areas either as a bed room or an extra living space for people to gather and enjoy company. Window wells are ideal for homes that use their basement space for reasons other than utilities because it allows natural light to enter the area where artificial light would have been necessary. Because they can be constructed quite deep into the ground, window wells can provide ample sunlight to dark basement spaces regardless of how far they are from the surface. Electricity costs can be significantly reduced by this simple addition, and it will also make your basement space look a lot more homey.
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3. Reduce Chances of Moisture Damage – Homes that are located near bodies of water or that have significantly moist surroundings can give in to water and moisture damage. This can eat away at the material of their structure and can even leak into a basement and cause flooding. The function a window well serves in this scenario is that it pushes ground away from the outside walls so that the ground doesn’t make contact with the house itself. This will make it less likely for basements to become flooded, which are major problems that need expensive repairs and draining that will take more than just a few days to complete.Finding Similarities Between Windows and Life