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How Nursery Gliders are Beneficial to both Children and Parents The phrases ‘nursery gliders’ and ‘gliding chairs’ are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing. Gliding chairs are also known as rocking chairs, rockers, platform rockers, or simply gliders. They are commonly used in parenting endeavors. The gliders are kinds of seats that move as swing chairs. This ideal rocking motion (swinging) is permitted because the entire chair is supported by a curved base that easily swings from end to end. A simple push with the feet or a shifting of the occupant’s sitting position is all that is needed to cause this type of chair to move back and forth. The commonest raw material for rocking chairs is wood. The mobility of some rocking chairs is enhanced by making some of these chairs foldable so that they can be carried from one location to the other with relative ease. Since time immemorial babysitters and mothers across the world have had challenges going about other household chores even as they take care of the newborn babies. In the end, mothers cringe at the thought of taking care of the household and at the same time nursing the infant baby. The development of rocking chairs was, therefore, a ‘heaven-send’ for a majority of these important caregivers. Due to the soft swaying motion of rocking chairs, babies have been taken away by the comfort and joy of these special chairs. The rocking chair imitates the mother’s safe and soothing rocking arms and can thus be useful to keep the baby at rest while the mother goes to other businesses or gets rest.
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Aside from the soothing effects on the baby, these nursery gliders are importantly able to provide rest and comfort to the exhausted parents as they breastfeed the child or soothe them to sleep. When the mother sits on the chair with the baby then initiates smooth movement of the chair, the baby is calmed. As a consequence of the soothing movement, the baby freely breastfeeds devoid of unnecessary distractions and discomfort. Furthermore, the gentle movement of these special chairs serenades the baby to sleep. One of the most important necessities for the healthy growth and development of babies is sound rest and sleep.
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The gliders have thus proved essential parenting aids in the contemporary home. It is, however, important to keep these chairs away from common home hazards such as electricity, water and fire. Such precautions ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe from accidents in the home, especially when rocking in the chair. Equally, old and damaged rocking chairs must therefore be repaired, or replaced immediately to prevent accidents and injury. The comfort of the nursery is imperative in the quest for the utmost soothing effect on the baby and its mother. Ideally, a soothing chair should also be placed next to the baby’s sleeping crib and other playing toys.